Lip Augmentation and Benefits

Every time you look into the mirror, do you feel that your lips would have looked more sensuous and appealing if they were much enhanced and full? Or do you think that the lips have lost their original size and swell with the passage of time and spoiled the gorgeous look that you used to have? Then lip augmentation is probably the best way to make them look as good as before. Lip augmentation is a particular type of cosmetic procedure wherein some cosmetic filler is implanted inside the lips in order to increase their size. But at the same time this treatment can provide you with a temporary result as with the passage of time, the injected substance gets absorbed by the body and in order to maintain the desired look you need to get yourself regular sittings with the doctor.

Procedure of Lip Augmentation

Tanya Payne RN with Dr. Davis Nguyen explains, “There are several different fillers that are inserted into the lips in order to make them look fuller. The most frequently used ones are Collagen, fat and Restylane. The collagen is a typical protein that generally supports various body parts and commonly used in lip augmentation.” She goes on to say, “The collagen used for this purpose is prepared from disinfected bovine collagen of the tissue. The other biodegradable as well as non-animal substance, widely used to enhance the size of the lips is Restylane. The procedure is quite short and simple that takes about half an hour to finish. You will not feel any pain as a local anaesthesia is performed before this. You just need to go for an allergy test before lip augmentation so that the right filler can be chosen for you.”

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

The benefits of undergoing this procedure include;

Increased self-esteem-

Getting the lips that match your personality can increase your self-esteem and make your life so much more fun.

New friends-

Many individuals who use lip augmentation procedures find new friends in their doctor’s office and in the support group they create for themselves.

Better Sex Life-

In all honesty, you know that is what you are hoping for going into something like this. Many patients who have used lip augmentation measures have had increased libido and reported great enhancement in their sex lives.

More Positive Attitudes-

Feeling better about yourself will make you feel more positive about every aspect of your life. This positive and happy attitude can increase the goodness in everything.

Many available options-

There are lots and lots of options for lip enhancement today. This makes it possible for you to find the best lip augmentation for your goals and your monetary situation. Never before has there been such a cornucopia of lip enhancement opportunities. Not only lip augmentation, but there are many other cosmetic wrinkle fillers that will have immediate results.

This is a basic guide for those considering to undergo this procedure. However, you should note that this procedure may come with its negatives. Hence it is vital you discuss with your surgeon or doctor before you undergo it.

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