Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipe

It’s hard to say why cranberry relish gets little or no respect at the holiday table. Some people say it’s something about the gelatinous consistency of the canned variety; others can’t get beyond the way it looks. Fortunately, your modern pressure cooker can turn this often-denigrated side dish into a sensation.

In fact, you and your family will love it so much that you will begin using your pressure cooker cranberry sauce for a lot more than a holiday turkey garnish. For one thing, it makes a tangy and sweet jam that you can spread on bread or crackers. By the same token, it kicks up the flavor of chicken, beef and even fish. When it’s time to make a pastry for dessert, there is no better filling. Finally, add it to your next smoothie for a unique taste twist.

Making your cranberry sauce in the pressure cooker is fast and easy. What’s more, the specific process the machine uses requires less liquid and extracts more pectin, meaning that you don’t need to add as much sugar. If you prefer, you can use a sugar substitute as well. Any remaining cranberry sauce can be placed in a jar and stored in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Tasty and versatile, cranberry sauce is an easy-to-make preparation that can enhance any meal. You and your family will also enjoy being creative when it comes to eating the left-overs. Who knew that pancakes, smoothies, yogurt, meat, poultry and desserts could be so good? Best of all, cranberry sauce is friendly to almost any budget, so give it the props it deserves!