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Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipe
Simple Steps You Can Take to Be Healthier
Crazy ingredients that will fix acne problems
Benefits of Cool Sculpting
Lip Augmentation and Benefits
The 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

Sweet Potatoe French Fries

Are you craving a decadent treat that won’t blow your resolution to eat healthier totally out the window? Consider cooking up some Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries for a delicious change of pace.

When you use sweet potatoes instead of the traditional white tubers in the preparation of your fries, you gain definite benefits. Sweet potatoes are high in fiber, which helps to stabilize your blood sugar and makes you feel full for longer as well as leading to better cardiovascular health. In addition, sweet potato fries are high in beta-carotene, which is an excellent source of vitamin A. As a result, your immune system and red blood cell production both get a boost, and cellular development is supported. Finally, the potassium in these fries helps to regulate your blood pressure and your ability to efficiently metabolize foods.

The problem with traditionally prepared sweet potato fries is that they are cooked in a large amount of hot oil. That’s not good news for your waistline, your blood pressure or your heart. However, your air fryer drastically reduces the amount of oil necessary. Moreover, preparation takes place faster, and cleanup is virtually effortless.

Best of all, you will love the results. When you remove your Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries from the appliance, they will be golden-brown and aromatic. Let them cool for a couple minutes, and then take a bite. You will discover that they are perfectly crisp outside and tender and flavorful inside. When something is this delicious and nutritious, you might never want to go back to greasy fries made from white spuds.

Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Easy Cranberry Sauce Recipe

It’s hard to say why cranberry relish gets little or no respect at the holiday table. Some people say it’s something about the gelatinous consistency of the canned variety; others can’t get beyond the way it looks. Fortunately, your modern pressure cooker can turn this often-denigrated side dish into a sensation.

In fact, you and your family will love it so much that you will begin using your pressure cooker cranberry sauce for a lot more than a holiday turkey garnish. For one thing, it makes a tangy and sweet jam that you can spread on bread or crackers. By the same token, it kicks up the flavor of chicken, beef and even fish. When it’s time to make a pastry for dessert, there is no better filling. Finally, add it to your next smoothie for a unique taste twist.

Making your cranberry sauce in the pressure cooker is fast and easy. What’s more, the specific process the machine uses requires less liquid and extracts more pectin, meaning that you don’t need to add as much sugar. If you prefer, you can use a sugar substitute as well. Any remaining cranberry sauce can be placed in a jar and stored in your refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Tasty and versatile, cranberry sauce is an easy-to-make preparation that can enhance any meal. You and your family will also enjoy being creative when it comes to eating the left-overs. Who knew that pancakes, smoothies, yogurt, meat, poultry and desserts could be so good? Best of all, cranberry sauce is friendly to almost any budget, so give it the props it deserves!

Simple Steps You Can Take to Be Healthier

Simple Steps You Can Take to Be Healthier

Enjoying a busy lifestyle brimming with activities and commitments means that you are at the forefront of your community and your family. Certainly, no grass has even a chance of growing under your feet. The problem is that you might be so involved in the goings-on around you that you may feel unable to take care of what should be one of your most important priorities: your health. Fortunately, there are steps you can easily take that will enhance your physical and mental well-being without putting a strain on your already packed schedule.


Experts recommend that some healthy eating tools are to eat five servings a day of green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, cabbage and kale. In general, the brighter the color, the more nutrients a fruit or veggie features. Best of all, making these a regular part of your diet may even work to prevent development of cancer of the breast, bladder, lung, colon, esophagus and pancreas among others. Whether you steam them, stir fry them or eat them raw, veggies are a win-win. Best of all, they are very portable and are an excellent snack when you’re on the go.


Your life may be so over-stuffed that the mere idea of finding time to do a full workout at the gym exhausts you. Don’t despair, incorporating even just 10 minutes of healthy exercise into each day can make a huge difference. By moving more, you can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, increase bone density, improve your circulation and eyesight and boost your lean muscle mass. Exercise can also lead to the release of endorphins, your brain’s natural mood elevators. The best news of all is that you don’t need to shell out a lot of money to promote fitness. Take the stairs, go for a walk to the park, turn on your favorite music and dance in your bedroom. If it’s practical for you to do it, consider biking to work. The options are limitless.


Unfortunately, many of us are conditioned to equate sleep with laziness. In fact, the opposite is true. Regular, high-quality rest is your body and brain’s way of restoring and healing itself. Without it, your ability to concentrate will be reduced, your mood will suffer and you might make bad nutritional decisions in an attempt to boost your energy level. No matter how counterproductive it may seem, it is vital that you consistently get a good night’s sleep. If you’re an insomniac, try reducing lights and your activity an hour before you go to bed. Have a glass of milk or a light snack of sleep-stimulating foods like oatmeal, cherries



Virtually everyone loves the idea of eating better; it just makes sense for so many reasons. Knowing what to prepare and how to do it is one challenge, but it’s not the biggest. It’s sustaining the strategy that you have started that’s the real kicker, and we’re here with some suggestions that are sure to help.

Articulate Your Goals

“Healthy” eating means different things to different people. It’s crucial that you arrive at a concrete idea of what goals you want to achieve with your meal plan. Do you want to decrease sugar, reduce or eliminate your meat intake, eat vegan or Paleo or go gluten-free? Perhaps you just need to find a way to save time and organize your busy life more effectively. Whatever your drive might be, putting it into words is your first step.

Make Friends With Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets aren’t just documents you use at work. They can become an invaluable ally as you work to map out your meal strategy. Use Excel or Google Sheets to clarify what you are going to eat for each meal on every day of the week. You can even break it down into groups such as carbs, produce and protein. Print your masterpiece out at the beginning of each week, stick it to your fridge, and you’re well on your way to 21 breakfasts, lunches and dinners that you will actually eat.

Build in Time for Spontaneity

Perhaps the biggest healthy meal-killer is failing to give yourself a break. If you are too rigid and demanding, depriving yourself of going on outings with friends all for the sake of your spreadsheet, you are doomed to fail sooner or later. It’s far better to assume that there will be a meal or two when you will go off the grid, so to speak. Of course, you can keep food set aside in the event that your plans fall through, but you can still make yourself open and available for fun and variety.

Plan Your Meals

This is where the fun part really comes in. You get a chance to write down all of the ingredients you will need for the week. Sure, the task seems daunting at the outset, but it’s a great way to get your grocery list written quickly. Better still, this task gets easier with each week that you accomplish it. It also helps you to know ahead of time how much of each item you need to buy. For instance, if several meals contain broccoli, you will know in advance that you will need several heads and can buy accordingly.

If you’re a novice cook and just aren’t sure how to be organized about a meal regimen, …

Crazy ingredients that will fix acne problems

Crazy ingredients that will fix acne problems

1. Mix Honey and Cinnamon and apply it on your face as a mask.
Roberta with Quick Acne Fix explains her #1 formula, “Really, Honey and cinnamon have anti-bacterial capabilities, which can destroy bacteria that cause the production of acne on your face. Put two spoons of honey and one spoon of cinnamon in a small cup. Mix them together. Once the paste is done, apply it on your face. Let it stay there for about half an hour and then thoroughly rinse your face. Additionally, you can apply some of the paste on those blemishes and leave them through the night.”

2. Apply egg whites on your face.
Egg whites contain various enzymes as well as vitamins and beneficial acids that can, not only get rid of pimples, but also provide the skin the nourishment that it needs. Crack an egg and separate the white. Mix it with a spoon until it becomes a little creamy. Apply the egg white like a mask on your face using your fingers. Leave the mixture for 25 minutes and then wash your face thoroughly.

3. Put some orange juices and peels on your face.
The acidic properties of the orange juice make it a potent solution to acne problems. Also, orange juice is rich in Vitamin C, which is essential in getting rid of free radicals on your skin and help your repair skin damages. To extract the juices from the peels and apply them on your face, simply rub the peels on your face. If you have the orange juice ready, dab a piece of cotton in it and then rub the cotton on your face. Leave the juice on your face for more than an hour before washing it off.

4. Use papaya.
The papaya fruit contains an enzyme called papain, which has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the formation of pimples and pus. To use it, take out the seeds in the papaya and cut them into pieces. Then, mash the pieces until they become cream-like. Before applying, wash your face with warm water to open up the pores; this makes it easy for your skin to absorb the beneficial enzymes in the solution. After applying the papaya, leave it on your face for half an hour before rinsing it off.

Discussed above are tips on how to get rid of acne. To get the best results, adapt a healthy lifestyle and keep a positive mindset. Refer to this guide every now and then to make sure you don’t miss anything.…

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Benefits of Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting is a new technology that involves removal of fat cells without surgery. This technology works by freezing away the stubborn fats in your body. The patients can see noticeable results within four weeks of Cool Sculpting treatment. Most people might be skeptical about this technology, but Cool Sculpting has many benefits.

What are the benefits of Cool Sculpting?

#1. It is non-invasive

Unlike other fat-reduction technologies such as gastric bypass surgery and liposuction, Cool Sculpting does not require any surgery. In fact, this treatment is non-invasive, and you will not require much of your time. You can even read a book during the procedure. Also, there is no downtime after Cool Sculpting because you will not need time to recover.

#2. Safe and effective

The technology of Cool Sculpting was developed by top-notch scientists in the United States. Janice Henry with 1 Hour Fat Freeze, “Cool Sculpting is the only fat freezing technology that has been approved by the FDA. There are no artificial substances are involved in this procedure.” Also, Cool Sculpting is one of the most effective fat removal technologies in the industry. The patients can get great results within four weeks of the Cool Sculpting treatment.

#3. It does not leave scars on the skin

Fat removal technologies that involve invasive surgery often leave permanent scars on the body. You will not get any scar since Cool Sculpting uses fat freezing technology. The skin may become red and swollen in some patients. However, this is temporary, and most patients report the procedure is painless.

#4. It targets only trouble spots

Other procedures target larger areas of the body to remove fat. However, the Cool Sculpting targets only specific spots that you want to reduce and smoothen out. For instance, you may want to remove fat that on your inner thigh. Therefore, this technology will save you time since you will not have to do unnecessarily work.

#5. Natural-looking results

Darnell at Cienega Spa, “This technology helps in fat reduction, and you will not need to follow a strict diet and do some exercises to achieve your goals.” In this case, you will be free from side effects that are associated with dieting for weight loss.

#6. Permanent results

With exercise and diet, the fat cells reduce in size and come back after skipping your workout or indulging in some foods. However, the Cool Sculpting allows permanent removal of fat cells in the body. There even distribution of fats throughout your body after undergoing Cool Sculpting treatment.


Cool Sculpting is the latest technology that has been scientifically tested and proven. This method of fat removal is safe, effective and does not involve painful

Lip Augmentation and Benefits

Lip Augmentation and Benefits

Every time you look into the mirror, do you feel that your lips would have looked more sensuous and appealing if they were much enhanced and full? Or do you think that the lips have lost their original size and swell with the passage of time and spoiled the gorgeous look that you used to have? Then lip augmentation is probably the best way to make them look as good as before. Lip augmentation is a particular type of cosmetic procedure wherein some cosmetic filler is implanted inside the lips in order to increase their size. But at the same time this treatment can provide you with a temporary result as with the passage of time, the injected substance gets absorbed by the body and in order to maintain the desired look you need to get yourself regular sittings with the doctor.

Procedure of Lip Augmentation

Tanya Payne RN with Dr. Davis Nguyen explains, “There are several different fillers that are inserted into the lips in order to make them look fuller. The most frequently used ones are Collagen, fat and Restylane. The collagen is a typical protein that generally supports various body parts and commonly used in lip augmentation.” She goes on to say, “The collagen used for this purpose is prepared from disinfected bovine collagen of the tissue. The other biodegradable as well as non-animal substance, widely used to enhance the size of the lips is Restylane. The procedure is quite short and simple that takes about half an hour to finish. You will not feel any pain as a local anaesthesia is performed before this. You just need to go for an allergy test before lip augmentation so that the right filler can be chosen for you.”

Benefits of Lip Augmentation

The benefits of undergoing this procedure include;

Increased self-esteem-

Getting the lips that match your personality can increase your self-esteem and make your life so much more fun.

New friends-

Many individuals who use lip augmentation procedures find new friends in their doctor’s office and in the support group they create for themselves.

Better Sex Life-

In all honesty, you know that is what you are hoping for going into something like this. Many patients who have used lip augmentation measures have had increased libido and reported great enhancement in their sex lives.

More Positive Attitudes-

Feeling better about yourself will make you feel more positive about every aspect of your life. This positive and happy attitude can increase the goodness in everything.

Many available options-

There are lots and lots of options for lip enhancement today. This makes it possible for you to find the best lip augmentation for your goals and your monetary situation.

The 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

The 5 Worst Foods For Your Teeth

We all grew up hearing that certain foods were bad for us and certain foods were good for us. But as we’ve gone through adulthood, some of the things we grew up believing have turned out to be wrong. We’ve heard eggs raise cholesterol, and then that they don’t. We learned red meat makes you strong, and later, that red meat causes heart disease. Could it be that the foods our mothers told us were bad for our teeth are healthy? Well…yes and no.

Candy and sweets

When mom said candy would “rot your teeth,” she was right. But only about some kinds of candy – the hard kind, like lollipops and cough drops, and the sticky kind, like caramels and gummy bears. The reason is fairly obvious – since they’re sticky, they tend to cling to your teeth – and the longer they stick around, the more damage they can cause. But there is some good news for those of us who have a sweet tooth. Chocolate is a fairly harmless indulgence because the sugar in chocolate is mixed with fat, which doesn’t hang around in your mouth.

Starchy foods

Maybe Dr. Atkins (of the famous no-carbs diet) should have been a dentist – when it comes to causing tooth decay, breads, potatoes, rice and the like can be dangerous. The reason? Small pieces can easily get stuck between or behind your teeth, especially in the back of your mouth. And bacteria love nothing more than to chow down on some tasty carbohydrates. So if you can’t brush your teeth after eating a sandwich at lunch or a bagel at the office, swirl some water in your mouth to loosen the bits that may be stuck.

Carbonated Sodas

Energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks and pre-sweetened teas contain as much sugar as some soft drinks. Even fruit juice has a high sugar content that makes it less than ideal from a dental health standpoint.

Alcoholic drinks

While recent studies have shown that a bit of booze is some miracle cure, doing everything from preventing heart disease to prolonging life, it’s still not a winner in the dental department. Why? Pete, a Santa Clarita dentist says “Alcohol dries out your mouth, preventing saliva from doing its job of keeping surfaces clean. Some medicines can also have the same effect.”


True, they’re not sugary or sticky. They’re highly acidic. They can erode the enamel right off of your teeth. So if you love lemons, don’t suck on them. Squeeze the juice in some water to dilute it or enjoy them mixed with foods or other drinks.…